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  1. Beste Editor,

    I hope this message finds you well! I’m writing as the organiser of the upcoming Unleashing Cybersecurity summit, held during European Cybersecurity Month here in Amsterdam. I’m wondering if you would be interested in partnering with us as a media partner? Our audience is a senior cyber and infosec audience across industries, most of whom work in leadership roles as CTOs or similar at large multinationals.

    Our events are global and we have attendees from Europe and beyond, so our conferences are in English however we do have a significant proportion from the Netherlands and Belgium as you would imagine.

    Our website is and you can download the latest program from there.

    I would be happy to offer you:

    o Exposure on our website, social media platforms and event documentation
    o 100 word company description, link plus logo on our website and in our printed program
    o You’re welcome to contribute to our goodie bags (any promotional material e.g. giftcards, flyers for membership trials, pens, memory sticks, etc.)
    o 2x regular passes for EUR 350,- per pass (normal price is EUR 899,- per pass). Only valid for employees from your organisation. We would like to encourage Dutch organisations so if you would like more discounted passes let me know.
    o 20% discount on a regular pass for your readers and memberships – will send you a discount code

    In return, I would appreciate if you’d share our media release, event website and logo throughout your distribution channels, promoting the discount your readers will receive in particular.

    Very happy to chat if you would like further information or clarification. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Met vriendlijke groetje,

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