Secura - Take control of your digital security


The digitalisation of our society is moving forward at a rapid pace. Software and systems are everywhere and these systems and networks are interconnected. Society and organisations increasingly rely on these. Digital security is important and needs to be safeguarded by professionals.

Secura, formerly known as Madison Gurkha, was founded in 2000 and employs a motivated and dedicated team from offices in the two main technological centers of the Netherlands: Eindhoven, and our country’s capital, Amsterdam.

It is our mission to help our clients take control of their digital security by providing world-class, independent advice, test and assessment services. We combine our services into a complete portfolio that enables our customers to be proactive and in control of their digital security, with respect to people, processes and technology. Our services are divided into four main service lines: ‘Advisory & Audit’, ‘Security Testing’ ‘Training & Awareness’ and Certification Service.

Secura is looking for new colleagues to expand and strengthen our team of passionate IT specialists. Whether you're a starter and want to expand and share your knowledge or a professional who is looking for a new challenge to boost your career, Secura offers you an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, teamwork, and a wide diversity of opportunities. Check our opportunities at:

A fun, challenging and diversified field to work in

“New technologies are implemented in a rapidly increasing tempo, and we are often asked to test and assess these systems. More than just web applications, we are now confronted with more complex and important systems, and the newest technologies like facial recognition systems, blockchain applications and IoT devices.  And of course, a major part of the satisfaction I get from working here is the team”, according to Ralph Moonen, Technical Director at Secura.

Michael Kubiaczyk, principal security specialist at Secura, shares that team spirit: “Working on challenging projects in a dynamic environment surrounded by a variety of very intelligent characters really motivates me. We set a very high level for the quality of our work, and even then our office environment is friendly and fun, and I enjoy coming in to work with my colleagues.”

Full scope of services with a strong technical background

We have a very strong technical background and yet we are also able to effectively communicate with all levels of client - from senior management to developers. Our focus is on demystifying security, providing concrete examples to make clear the potential impacts of and remediations for security vulnerabilities. Another key point is the fact that we also deliver advisory services.

In his role as Manager of the audit and advisory service line, Ruud Kerssens deals a lot with the less technical side of security, such as processes and people. We stand out because we can combine these aspects with our technical expertise and thus deliver a full scope of services to our clients.

Working at Secura - work hard, play hard

“I have recently joined Secura and I feel very comfortable in my role”, according to Ruud. I will leave the penetration testing to experts such as Michael, but the subjects we deal with here are very inspiring and we often form project groups with several disciplines so that we can learn from each other.

We share an attitude of "work hard, play hard." We deliver very high quality work, however we balance this with a fun and casual office environment. Secura is currently forming a CTF team and also organizes other fun team activities, such as escape rooms, on a regular basis.

As Technical Director of Secura, Ralph is extremely proud to work with all Secura’s experts like Ruud and Michael. “Being part of such a team is inspiring and gives me a lot of energy.” As our team becomes more and more international, and the projects more complex and challenging, our old-school hacker spirit is certainly not lost, but is shared with all our newcomers.